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Ticket Status Severity Priority Owner Created Summary
#13 accepted major aONe 03/26/11 Bug report: Zipped program file fails to start when decompressed with Keka
#14 reopened blocker 04/05/11 Any relation to 7Z-Rar
#24 accepted major aONe 08/23/11 Feature suggestion - Browse archive (without extracting)
#30 accepted minor aONe 12/10/11 [Req] Add an option to save passwords
#31 accepted trivial aONe 12/16/11 feature suggestion extract files without create folders.
#32 accepted major aONe 01/18/12 Add support for XZ
#34 accepted minor aONe 01/26/12 Command line
#36 accepted minor aONe 02/18/12 Support for <exotic> Tarballs?
#38 new minor 02/22/12 New Keka Icon
#48 accepted minor aONe 03/14/12 File with 255 character filename fails to compress
#50 new major 03/18/12 Still bugs in ZIP decompression
#55 accepted major aONe 05/16/12 Always retain input file extension in the compressed file name
#61 new minor 09/23/12 rar support, if rar is installed on the system
#69 new major 12/23/12 Keka 1.0.3 p7zip fails with error 11
#72 new major 01/21/13 Select format in the drop zone
#77 new minor 02/28/13 Show password option
#81 new minor 06/14/13 *.sfx Self-extracting archive (rar) not supported
#85 accepted major aONe 09/09/13 Bzip2 split fails
#87 accepted minor aONe 10/02/13 HOWTO file should be updated
#92 reopened minor 11/12/13 Delete output file if input file is corrupt
#93 new minor 11/12/13 Give clearer error message if input file is corrupt
#101 new minor 02/09/14 Fix broken zip files with zip -FF
#102 new major 02/19/14 multiple seperate archives - batch extraction and extract archives based on the archive name
#106 new minor 04/25/14 Extract content if is only one compressed file
#126 new major 10/10/15 Chinese decoding in some Zip files
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